Specialized Services for Children with Severe Disabilities

Specialized services for children with severe disabilities involves direct support for children and support for families.  Specialized services are individualized and flexible to meet each child’s and family’s unique needs and circumstances, time and priorities, cultural context and values.  Specialized services complement other supports and services that a family already has in place.

Specialized services involves a team of professionals, such as a Speech-Language Pathologist, Occupational  Therapist, Physical Therapist, Psychologist, behavioural specialist and aide.  The specialized services team works directly with a child to determine the strategies and approaches that will work best to help the child learn skills and participate in everyday routines.

Parents determine what their involvement looks like and this can change over time. Parents are not expected to provide direct services or intervention to their child, and are not required to be in the room or participating when services are being provided to their child.  The team works with parents to identify the approaches that will fit best for the child and family, based on their unique needs and circumstances.